Online Spiritual Retreat -- June 28-July 3, 2020

Hosted by Redwood Christian Ashram

Mosquitos Not Included

Although we'll miss the distinctive campfire smell, we're dedicated to bringing the classic mountaintop experience to people desperate for the peace that passes all understanding. There will be options for people of all ages and the program will be accessible throughout the day--keeping our hearts and minds centered on Christ Jesus as we go through our daily lives.

Personal Practice

Daily Scripture readings, journal prompts, and guided prayer curated to refresh, renew, and restore weary souls.

Community Care

Inspiration for social-distance friendly acts of kindness and community service to pass the blessing forward.

Biblical Teaching

Lunch break length sermons from well-reputed Biblical scholars to rekindle the inner fire.

Read their bios here!

Digital Engagement

Interactive platforms to form bonds and connections in our increasingly isolated world.

Children and Youth Programs

Teacher Rachel will be working with our youngest children exploring the words compassion, faith, courage, and leadership. They will be talking about what God calls us to do when we are faced with hard situations.

Teacher Lindsay will be sharing with our older children about God's qualities of trustworthiness, creativity, sovereignty, and how God is with us. They will be diving into and really thinking about our personal relationship with God. All of our children will have opportunities to participate in crafts and video meetings with their teacher and friends.

Our youth program is designed for high school and college age students but is an appropriate fit for more mature middle schoolers as well. Students will have opportunities to participate in daily devotionals, small group discussion, and online community building activities. Using the theme of "checking in," Joy will help the youth explore the tricky transition from childhood to adulthood, specifically the gradual process of taking over "the reigns" of responsibility for ourselves, our faith, our life path, and our community.

Use the button below to visit our children and youth website. You will find parent information videos as well as content that is designed with them in mind.

Top Questions About Refresh, Restore, Renew 2020

Q: How much content will there be?

A: There will be 3-4 hours of content each day that can be accessed as you have time. We know that some people will have a meaningful experience by interacting with a small portion of that while others will engage with all of it.

Q: Where will I access the content?

A: All content except discussions can be accessed through the website. Additional materials including a journal, community candle, activity kits for kids, and printed resources will be mailed out to those who request them.

Q: Do I need to have an account to access resources?

A: You do not need an account to sign up or to access a majority of the resources. There may be some portions of the program that need an account to access but these will be limited. For instance, we will be using Zoom to allow for discussions and small groups. There will also be opportunities to interact with material over Facebook and Instagram but these are not required.

Q: What if I am working and cannot attend any of the live discussion or I can attend some days and not others?

A: We hope that as many people as possible can participate in the discussion times but they are not required. If you are unable to attend some live discussion but not others that is perfectly fine.

Q: I am not very good on a computer. How will I figure out how to use Zoom and padlet?

A: We understand how you feel. We have written up instructions on using both of these resources. Check them out here. If you have difficulty accessing zoom or other materials we have a tech team that is happy to help.

Q: What kind of device should I use?

A: Any device will work; a phone, tablet or laptop.

Q: I live far away and I’m concerned about receiving materials. When will the supplies ship?

A: We plan to ship the materials by June 14. This should allow plenty of time for you to receive everything in time. Unfortunately we will not be able to ship materials outside of the United States.

Q: I have children that want to participate. Is there a program for them?

A: Programming is available for children of all ages. Curriculum will be separated by age group. Younger children may need adult supervision to successfully participate in their activities and lessons. Learn more about our programs here.

Q: I still have some questions about this "online retreat." Is there someone I can talk to?

A: Yes! All of our contact information is listed at the bottom of the page. We would love to hear from you.

Q: What is Redwood Christian Ashram?

A: Redwood Christian Ashram is a Christian family camp held each summer in the Santa Cruz mountains of California. Since we are unable to hold a camp in person this year we have decided to put our efforts into an online retreat that is accessible to everyone. Check out our website if you would like more information.