Get to Work!

Take the cucumber slices off your eyes, folks, this retreat isn't just about relaxation! As Christians, we are fundamentally obligated to work side by side to express the Kingdom of God here on earth. Reverend E. Stanley Jones, who founded our organization, believed that working together knits us together and diminishes our differences. We hope that you'll see these five challenges as ways to engage more deeply in your spiritual walk this week.

Day 1: Communicate Kindness

The first community care challenge is all about communicating kindness to someone you know personally. Everyone's communication style is different; it's the message that matters!


  • Leave an encouraging sticky-note for a coworker

  • Write a letter (or overdue thank you note!) to a friend

  • Call someone you've been meaning to connect with

Day 2: Love Your Neighbor

The second community care challenge reminds us to love our neighbor and take responsibility for our neighborhood. Head outside and look around with openhearted compassion for those around you.


  • Pick up trash or pull weeds in communal areas

  • Offer to mow a neighbors lawn or rake leaves

  • Volunteer for graffiti abatement or park cleanup

Day 3: Feed the Need

The third community care challenge isn't just about food; it's about meeting people at their most basic, sustenance level. Pray that the food you prepare or give nourishes the body and uplifts the soul.


  • Take a homemade meal to an elderly acquaintance

  • Collect/purchase canned goods for a local food drive

  • Volunteer with a non-profit that feeds the hungry

Day 4: Reject Racism

The fourth community care challenge is a call to an active anti-racist action. Whether you are joining us from Canada, India, the UK, or the USA, we all have work to do to uproot racism in our communities.


  • Learn about racial inequalities in your community

  • Donate to anti-racist non-profits

  • Partner with organizations promoting social change

Day 5: Spread the Love!

The fifth community care challenge is a random act of kindness. The sky's the limit; your charge is to toss kindness about like confetti! Though, if actual confetti is involved, please clean up after yourself!


  • Gift the neighbor kids a puppy

  • Incentivise your friends' runs by chasing them dressed as a t-rex

  • Gift framed self-portraits to your coworkers

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