What is Padlet? It is a virtual wall, where people can share their opinions, thoughts, photos, and images.

Why did you choose Padlet? It is a simple tool, can be used on a variety of devices, and is free.

How will we use Padlet? Padlet will be used to share reflections, prayer requests, and even showcase our talents for the gallery of talent.

Do I need an account? No, you can post without an account but it will not automatically include a name so you may want to sign your post so we know who it was. You can also create a free account or link your Google account if you want to.

I'm on my phone and the screen is tiny. Some small phones do not display the padlet well on our website. Click on the name of the padlet and it will take you to a new tab that will be much easier to work in.

I posted but it didn't show up, help!. The padlets are moderated so if your post doesn't show right away you may need to just wait for it to be approved.

I can't get it to work. What now? Tried the troubleshooting and still can't make it work? You can always email your comments, pictures, or videos and we can post them for you:

Post by clicking the pink button

You can also double click or tap anywhere on the padlet.

Create your post to share with the group

You can add video, links, or pictures using the extended menu.


What is Zoom? It is a virtual meeting program where people can connect with a landline, computer, cell phone, or tablet.

Why did you choose Zoom? It is a commonly used program that many people are already familiar with, it can be used on a variety of devices including landline phones, and it is free.

How will we use Zoom? Zoom will be used for our small group discussion times.

Do I need an account? Not necessarily, but you do need to download the app or program if you intend to access the program any way other than calling in with a phone.

What if I don't have a camera and/or microphone? You can attend a meeting without either of these and will be able to see and hear others but they will not be able to see or hear you. If you do not have a microphone you can still use that chat feature to type out your comments.

I can't get it to work. What now? If you have tried all the troubleshooting and are struggling to make zoom work through the program our best suggestion is to just call in. You won't be able to see people's faces but you can still hear what is going on and share your voice with the group.

How to use Zoom

Getting Started Basics

Download the free Zoom app on your phone or computer at

Sign up for a user account

Click the link provided to you by email to join the Zoom meeting

Join 5 minutes early in case you have issues getting connected

Suggestions while on the zoom meeting

Use headphones to reduce background noise

Make sure your room is well lit so you are able to be seen

Mute your mic upon entering the meeting and when you are not speaking

Use the chat box to contribute if you feel shy about speaking

Step by Step Instructions for using Zoom (Click to expand)

For phone without internet capability:

  • Look on the email invitation for the phone number closest to your area.

    1. Write down the meeting number.

  • Dial the phone number

  • Enter the meeting ID number followed by the pound (#) sign.

  • If you want to mute yourself, dial *6.

For computer or laptop:

  • Download the Zoom Cloud Meetings app on a phone or computer that has camera and audio capability. The app is free.

  • Wait patiently for an email and/or text message with the link for the meeting.

  • Check the volume icon in the lower right corner of your main screen. I usually set volume about in the middle and adjust as needed.

  • Click on the link and a Zoom window opens. A pop-up with “Opening Zoom” appears.

    • If it does not, copy the link and paste it on your web server.

    • If the message appears to click on a second box to open Zoom meeting, do so.

  • You should see yourself and any others on the meeting.

    • If you do not, there is a Camera Icon in the lower left corner. If it has a red line through it, just click on it, the red line will disappear, and the video should appear.

  • A message will ask if you want to Join by computer audio, click on it.

  • A Microphone Icon is in the lower left corner. That is your mute/unmute button.

    • If there is a red line through it, you are muted. Click on the icon to unmute yourself.

    • If there is no red line and others still cannot hear you, click on the up-arrow next to the microphone icon. A “test audio” pop-up will appear. Follow the instructions.

    • Note: when muted, you can temporarily unmute yourself by holding down the space bar for as long as you are talking. Releasing the space bar puts you back on mute.

  • The two View icons are in the upper right corner (if more than one person is logged in).

    • One (like a box) allows you to toggle between reduced-size and full-size screen.

    • The other allows you to toggle between gallery view (seeing everyone in the meeting) and speaker view (seeing only the one who is talking). Most prefer gallery view.

  • A chat box is in the bottom center of the screen. If you click on that, you can send written notes to all who are on the meeting.

  • The Leave Meeting box is in the lower right. Click on that when leaving the meeting.

For phone with internet capability: (Very similar to above)

  • Click on link in email.

  • Click on “Join a Meeting”

  • Click on “Join with Video”

  • Click on “Join Audio using Internet”. You are in the meeting.

  • Tap on the screen and the microphone and camera icons will appear at the bottom. Use them just as described above.

Sign Up Genius (24/7 Prayer)

What is Sign Up Genius? It is a virtual sign up form.

Why did you choose Padlet? It is a simple tool, can be used on a variety of devices, and is free.

Do I need an account? No, you can sign up without an account but you will need to use an email for the confirmation and to edit your sign up if needed. You can also create a free account if you want to.

I can't get it to work/I accidentally signed up for the wrong slot. What now? You can always email us with your name and time and we can do the sign up for you (or fix the sign up if you can't figure out how to do that on your own):

Check the box next to as many sign-ups as you want and then click "Submit and Sign Up"

Put in the name that will show on the sign up sheet and a confirmation email and then click "Sign Up Now"